Introduction and Applications of ERNI ERmet 2.0mm HM Series High-Speed Backplane Connectors

The ERmet connector family is tailor-made for demanding applications in telecommunication and data communication. For over 25 years the ERmet 2.0 mm HM connector system has proven itself through its robust design and problem-free handling. ERmet connectors are enjoying broad acceptance globally and enable connections of PCBs in many arrangements. Standardization ensures compatibility among different manufacturers.

Thanks to the performance characteristic and the high flexibility there is a broad field of application options for ERmet 2.0 mm HM connectors. The connector system enables almost every possible module configuration in a daughter board-backplane connection system. There are standard and inverted shapes and staple variants are available for this. Typical areas of application are data communication and telecommunication.

The ERmet program is also finding increasing usage in industrial computers (IPCs). The connectors can also be found in the CompactPCI standard. High acceptance of the connector system is due to the outstanding high-frequency performance and positive price-performance ratio.

Modular ERmet connectors with 2.0 mm signal contact spacing are ideally suited for the various mating configurations of backplanes and daughter cards. They allow hot-swap applications and also offer high-frequency and high performance contacts. 

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